The awards, distinctions and the honorary mentions that the Couniniotis Group of Companies have received, since 1876, both in the country and abroad, are numerous.

awards-lft-1-bodyAmong them, in the Thessaloniki International Exhibition where they were honoured for the excellent quality of their products and their great exporting activity. Two times, in 1982 and in 1985 they have received the “Golden Hermes” award , award by the former Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou and the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In 1984, as part of the official listing of the Federation of Greek Industries, they were placed in the 11th place, amongst the 200 top exporting businesses of the country,following the companies: MOTOR OIL, CORINTH REFINERY S.A., HELLENIC ALUMINUM INDUSTRY S.A. awards-lft-2-body. and it was the first food company and especially raisin/currants company to be included in this list.

Because of the fact that products’ promotion is a very important factor for the further expansion of their financial turnover, the Gouniniotis Group of Companies has adopted an extensive programme of participation in Exhibitions, where their presence is always impressive- receiving many praises.

For instance, they have taken part in Exhibitions in Paris, England, Germany, Amsterdam, Russia, Japan, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Moscow, in many other national Exhibitions, many other national business expeditions and they actively take part in Intergovernmental European Union Community Programmes.

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