Quality Management System


The Couniniotis Group of Companies, always in par with International advancements in the industry, are constantly upgrading their implemented Quality Management and Food Security Systems in order to meet the requirements of the most current International standards.

With that in mind we have developed HACCP systems (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System) for every product and line of production, in order to fully ensure the safety of the produced foods. The company also has a fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory to implement and adhere to the certifications, and support every day operation within the Quality Management and Food Sanitation standards of: ISO 22000:2005, KIR and BRC.

The Quality Assurance Manual of the Couniniotis Group of Companies (ISO:22000) comprises, among others, both a criteria cued control procedure for the management of the efficacy and credibility of the measurements / testing on our products, as well as a formal process for customer complaints management. The Quality Assurance Manual is systematically and periodically reviewed so as to monitor its smooth operation, isolate any potential problem and take any necessary remedial action.


The British Retail Consortium (BRC) ) has issued a Technical Standard (BRC Food) for businesses producing Private Label products, for products to be exported and products to be sold in supermarkets.

This standard is developed to help the retail suppliers to adhere to their legal obligations and to ensure a higher level of consumer protection. The main benefits for the consumer and the producing company are very important as it is certified:

  • the possibility to export products to Great Britain and other countries,
  • the possibility to enter agreements with big Super Markets demanding for their suppliers to be certified in accordance with BRC, and
  • the high international competitiveness as a supplying company.

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