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A company as old as the history of modern Greece.

From the 19th century until today, for five generations, the Couniniotis Group of Companies remains a 100% owned Greek Company. From 1876 our field of expertise is all about: collecting, processing, packaging and exporting Currants, Sultanas as well as a variety of dried fruit from all over the world.

about-us-lft-bodyThe Couniniotis Group of Companies possesses state-of-the-art manufacturing and processing facilities and is certified in accordance with the application of standards for Total Quality Assurance: ISO 22000 (HACCP), Kosher (KIR) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) in all the stages of production and logistics.

Our corporate goal was, and still is, to Guarantee the Safe and Hygiene Nutrition of the Final Consumer.

Our commitment to Total Quality Management , combined with our consistency, since 1876, has enabled us to develop lasting collaborations with selected producers as well as with international chain stores in Greece and abroad.

Our packaging alternatives such as the innovative Zip Pack bag, the Pillow bag, the Block Bottom and the Stabillo bag, contain the best quality of the Greek and internationally produced (partially) moisturized fruit and grapes most of them traditionally dehydrated under the sun’s warm smile.

As a result the products of ou Private Label “COUNINIOTIS” and “HARMONY” as well as our “bulk” products (for industrial use) or / and Private or Third Party Labels, deliver worldwide the best qualities in grapes and dried fruit, in order for you to:

enjoy our nutritious harmony everywhere!

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