Production Facilities


The state-of-the-art product production and processing facilities , as well as the headquarters of the Couniniotis Group of Companies have been located in Aigio (Prefecture of Achaia) since 1876.

The company has a very well organized international network of representatives and an international network of strictly controlled and selected producers, in all the areas where the quality of raw materials that we use are produced. Starting from the collection of raw materials to the final ready to sell products, the implementation of Total Quality Management standards together with our investment in state-of-the-art equipment both guarantee that our products comply with the strictest international health and safety/sanitary specifications. Our commitment to the implementation of Total Quality is carried forth by the departments of “Research and Development” and “Quality Control” within our company.

Research and Development
With the integration in all the stages of production and logistics of constantly updated state-of-the art technologies and the constant modernizing of the mechanical equipment, our Department of Research and Development has successfully achieved to place our product lines high up in the competition scale internationally.
At the same time, the systematic research regarding production, packaging and standardization, as well as the constant training of our personnel, guarantee the Quality Experience of Satisfaction enjoyed by our Suppliers and Final Consumers,alike .

Quality Control
The Quality Control Department is in charge of the Quality Control in four fields. . 1) The receipt of raw materials, 2) the standardization of mechanical equipment, 3) the in-process products and 4) the final products.. Our raw material suppliers are selected with strict criteria and are revaluated regularly. The Total Quality Management specifications (ISO 22000, KIR, BRC) are implemented under the strict supervision of the Quality Control Department by the production technicians, while the company is also collaborating with a network of freelance inspectors.

As a result, the products bearing the private label «COUNINIOTIS» and «HARMONY» as well as our “bulk” products (for industrial use) and the Private or Third Party Labels, deliver worldwide the best qualities in grapes and dried fruit, in order for you to:

enjoy our nutritious harmony everywhere!

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