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Every website user must use the provided through the Website information exclusively and solely for the designated purpose, which is to complete the service they have selected through the website and abstain from any attempt or act of reproduction, expropriation, copying, denaturalization, alteration and in general unauthorized use of the content which is not consistent to its designated use.

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Data Collection and Processing

We collect data to offer the best service all of our users, from basic elements tracking, such as your preferred language, to more complex ones, such as the advertisement which you will most likely find more useful. We also use this information to offer you an adapted content.

When using our services or visiting our website we might collect and store automatically this particular data. It might include: details on how you accessed our website, navigation details, your research questions, an internet protocol address, the kind of navigation programme, the language of the navigation programme, the date and time of your request, the URL, cookies which might uniquely define your navigation programme.

We use different kinds of technology to collect and store date when you visit a service at the present website and this act might involve sending one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers to your device. We might combine your personal data which you have given us for a service with data, including personal information, from other services – for example to facilitate the joint use of content with people you may know.

We provide personal data to our associates and to businesses or people we trust in order for them to process this data for our purposes, based on our instructions and in accordance with our Confidentiality Policy and maybe other appropriate confidentiality and security measures. We shall share the personal data with companies, institutions or people outside our company, if we think that, in good faith, accessing, using, keeping or disclosing this data is necessary in order for us to: a) spot, deter or deal with any other way fraud related to the addresses and safety or technical issues, b) to protect from a forthcoming injury to the company’s rights, property or safety, as demanded or allowed by the law.

Our Confidentiality Policy might be subject to change from time to time with no prior warning. Using the present Website you explicitly declare that the Confidentiality Policy might be subject to chance without your expressed consent.

We make a great effort to protect Google and our users from a possible unauthorised access or alteration, disclosure or destruction of the data we possess. For example: a) we check the data collection, the storing and processing procedures, including the natural security measures, regarding the protection against unauthorised system access, b) the access to personal data is limited only to employees, contractors and representatives of our company who must know this data to process it for our intends and purposes and with those who are engaged by strict contractual obligations on confidentiality and they might engage in disciplinary proceedings of even face redundancy if they do not respond to these obligations.


The content of the present Website is of an advisory and informative character. The company checks into the validity of this data as much as possible, but we do not guarantee its complete accuracy or the fact that it is without any errors. The company reserves the right to include advertising material and content in our pages. The company is not obliged to check the content of these advertisements, and therefore we have no responsibility whatsoever regarding their validity or any other measure towards our visitors. Moreover the content might be a third party intellectual property which is in the public domain of some tourist organisations (i.e. the Greek National Tourism Organisation, visitgreece portal, Wikipedia, morguefile, Microsoft and so forth) with or without their relative indication of origin, as we use them for free, without assuming or incurring any intellectual property rights on them and with the sole purpose to freely promote agricultural products.

Disclaimer of Responsibility

The company accepts no responsibility for: (i) any punitive, specific, indirect or consequent damage or loss, any production loss, any deprivation of profit, income or compensation, to any customer or vistor or any reputation loss or damage of any kind, (ii) any incoherence regarding the information (description) of the products and their characteristics provided in the Website, (iii) any possible injury, death, private property damage or other (direct, indirect, specific, consequent or punitive damage, loss or charges which the users of the Website suffered, paid or cased, either due to (legal) action, fault, breach, (gross) negligence, deliberate petty offence, omission, non-fulfilment, misinterpretation, wrongdoing or sole responsibility of the company or responsibility attributed (fully or partially) to the content of the present website, or for any other incident beyond the direct control of the Couniniotis Group of Companies.

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