The History of Couniniotis Group

Source: the Couniniotis Currants Museum’s book: «Corinthian Currant, a princess through the ages».

In a time when commerce and industry in Greece were still in their very beginning, which means in the middle of the 1870s and specifically in 1876, an energetic trader from Aigio, Georgios Vasileiou Couniniotis, decided to expand his father’s small business, adding to its enterprising ventures the trade of Corinthian raisins. This facility in Aigio was the birthplace of the Couniniotis Group of Companies, the business with the longest presence in the raisin industry internationally since its continuous presence for more than 137 years.

Raisins are a very sensitive product, which, during the 19th and 20th century, has affected the lives of the people and the regions dealing with it. Therefore, the evolution of the original small business into being one of the biggest raisin exporting businesses of the world, despite any adversities faced by its owners as time went by is a proof of their love for this product; this is why their endurance for more than a century forms a unique business case in Greece.

Bold ventures, wise and beneficial decisions and a modernizing mentality were, and continue to be, the principles where the company was based on in order to reach their present enviable high level. With a discerning eye, consistency and diligence, the company slowly expanded to other fields, apart from the raisins, and this has protected them from the capriciousness, and the international downtrends associated with this product.

Flexibility and adjustability to trends and current developments, as well as the excellent cooperation and amity amongst the members of the family, were and still are the guarantees of the company for the future. These were also the elements which have rightfully made this company the most representative carrier of tradition, while representing Achaia as the most important raisin trade centre in the country.

The Couniniotis Group of Companies, since its early beginnings (in 1876) and even before the related terminology made it a “trend” and “socially proper”, has also an important track record of Corporate Social Responsibility activities to show for, not only in the local area but also in Greece and internationally.

At the same time, the constant participation in many exhibitions and business expeditions, but most significantly the awards and distinctions the Couniniotis Group of Companies has received, since 1876, both in the country and abroad are numerous.

«COUNINIOTIS», a company as old as
the history of modern Greece..

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