The History of Currants-Processing

Source: the Couniniotis Currants Museum’s book:: «Corinthian Currant, a princess through the ages».

As far as the production, treatment, packaging and exporting of Corinthian Raisins today, the following should be mentioned: the product is delivered from the producers dried and as soon as it reaches the treatment place the process of clean up begins, during which all foreign bodies are removed with the use of absorptions and sieves. In the same group of sorting out machinery the product is divided into different sizes (medium, small, sifting) and after that it is washed with clean water in washing machines with barriers, where the heavier bodies, mostly small stones, are contained. Following that the raisin goes through the cutting machine (cleaning machine) which cuts off the stalk and then is driven into the laser and x-ray machines, where its quality is improved while checking for every possible source of degradation of sanitary factors. Metal detectors recognize and reject any metal objects, while after putting the product into boxes and weighing it, metal detectors and other electronic control devices safeguard the excellent quality of the final product. The final procedure is sanitation and desensitization in special chambers with the use of methyl bromide in air absence.

The regions of black raisin/currant production are divided into three departments. The region of Aigialeia in the prefecture of Achaia, where the Corinthian Raisins are produced with the distinction of Protected Designation of Origin name “Vostizza” (they represent the A’ quality), the other adjacent region of the Corinthian Gulf (they represent the A and B’ quality) and other regions in Achaia, Zante (Ionian Islands), Crete and Messinia (they represent the B and C’ quality).

As far as quality is concerned the raisins are divided into three categories: Shade raisins (which are of dark colour, soft to touch and delicious, A’ quality), Sun raisins (with all the above mentioned characteristics but not in excellent condition, B’ quality) and all others (with variations regarding their basic characteristics, C’ quality).

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