2-9-harmony-sultanas-lft-bodyThe «HARMONY SUN DRIED SULTANAS», ripen and are dried naturally In order to create a most versatile and healthy ingredient for a variety of different uses. They have high a nutritional value, vitamins, minerals and offer natural energy without containing fat or cholesterol.

The «HARMONY SUN DRIED SULTANAS»,are chosen from the most exquisite sultanas produced by strictly controlled and selected producers from Crete, Corinth and other productive countries which offer ideal soil conditions and the perfect climate for the production of viniculture products. They are sun dried and packaged at our factories, which are undoubtedly considered to be among the best in the industry, in accordance with the strictest international health and quality control regulations. They, amongst other uses, are a recommended ingredient to be used in puddings, or in salads, or as an accompaniment to your favourite cereals.

Storage should take place in cool, dry, clean and well-ventilated, odourless environment. When the package has been opened, it must be kept refrigerated.

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