Third Party Label Products


4-0-third-party-label-right-body-1With more than 137 years of expertise and know-how we guarantee the quality and brand name of our clients that entrust us with their Own (third party) Label.


ThirdPartyLabel-lft-bodyOur packaging options, such as the innovative Zip Packbag, the Pillowbag, the Block Bottom and the Stabillo bag, contain the best quality of the Greek and international (partially) moisturized fruit and grapes traditionally dehydrated under the sun’s warm smile.

Depending on our customers’ demands , we are able to to offer strictly selected and packaged products 4-0-third-party-label-right-body-2 from almost every producing country in the world, in various fruit sizes, your packaging specifications, desired levels of humidity, etc.

From the moment the raw material is picked up to the final deliverance of packaged products the implementation of the Total Quality Management standards and the company’s constant investing in state-of-the-art equipment, guarantee the fact that our products meet the strictest international health and safety specifications..

Since 1876 We cater to your needs,
We deliver to your specifications!


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